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The location at 22924 Sussex Highway in Seaford, DE is closed. The property has been sold to make way for a new venture. Thank you for the years of patronage at this location. Please visit 1149 Bridgeville Highway in Seaford or 301 Townsend Street in Laurel, DE.



Wash 'N Vac Car Wash knows you have a choice in vehicle washing. We use professional washing equipment and chemicals to ensure that each customer's vehicle is properly cleaned. Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer.


Wash 'N Vac Car Wash is a locally owned company that was established in 1994. We currently operate two locations: one in Seaford, DE and one in Laurel, DE. We are one of the most environmentally friendly companies on the East Coast. Both of our locations feature two or more of the following "green" technologies:               

  • Solar electric production (photovoltaic)

  • Solar hot water heating

  • Water recycling

  • Geothermal heating/cooling

  • Energy saving motor starters (soft starts)              

Wash 'N Vac Car Washes are committed to providing you with the highest quality vehicle appearance at a fair price. Whether you prefer to wash your car at a self-serve bay utilizing our exclusive "$8 for 30 minutes" pricing, or through one of our soft cloth automatic bays, we guarantee a superior wash. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and thank you for choosing Wash 'N Vac Car Washes.