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Solar electric production (PV)
Wash ‘N Vac Car Wash has taken the bold step to install Solar electric production systems at three locations. These modern systems use the Sun’s energy to produce DC electric, which is then converted to AC electric for use in the car wash. Any excess electric produced is back fed into the utility grid for use elsewhere. These systems produce electric during all daylight hours, even when it is cloudy. We are thereby helping to reduce the load on our local utilities.

Solar hot water heating
Two of our locations now employ Solar hot water panels. The Sun’s energy heats closed loop panels on the roof, which in turn heat a 120 gallon storage tank in the equipment room. These systems are used year round, even in the Winter where panel temperature can reach over 100 degrees F when the air temperature is 30 degrees F. These systems reduce our Natural Gas consumption.

Water recycling
Two of our locations now employ state of the art water reclamation systems that can reduce the fresh water consumption by 50%.

Geothermal Heating/Cooling
Two locations have geothermal heating and cooling for the equipment rooms. These systems use the Earth’s constant temperature for heating and cooling, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. According to the EPA, it is the most efficient way to heat and cool a building.

Energy saving motor starters (soft starts)
All of our large horsepower motors utilize a solid state soft starting mechanism. This device cuts the normal start energy by as much as 100%. This eases the load on our electric utilities by creating less demand when these motors start up.

Reduce water pollution
All of our car wash waste water is disposed of through the sanitary sewer system for treatment before being released into the environment. When you wash your vehicle in the street or driveway, you can easily pollute fresh water sources because the dirty, soapy water and all the contaminants such as oil, grease, gasoline, and cleaning chemicals go into the storm water system. Every vehicle owner should be aware that all the rinse water and contaminants that run into the storm drain have the potential to end up in streams, rivers, and other open water sources.

Biodegradable cleaners
All of our cleaning solutions are biodegradable.